Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell on Mytr?

Online Selling demands knowledge of ecommerce, logistics, marketing, trust building , product photography and payments.

We help you with all of this, without any cost.

Who can sell on Mytr?

Artisans, Artists, Handicraft Manufacturers and NGOs.

How can I sell on Mytr?

Download our “Mytr Seller” app on your smartphone via Google Play (Android) or App Store (iPhone).

Is Mytr registered? What type of company is Mytr?

Mytr, is a part of Vipaza Private Limited (CIN: U52609PN2020PTC191758, GSTIN: 10AAHCV4537H1CS)

Visit for more details.

What type of products can I sell on Mytr?

Products need to be handmade or of natural material. (90% or more of the product weight should be of natural materials)

Is there any charge of listing products on Mytr?

No, selling online is free for artisans and artists.

Does Mytr ask for bank details of the sellers?

Yes, Mytr needs name, account number and IFSC code of a seller's bank account to transfer the sales amount directly for the sold product

What is the address and contact details of Mytr?

Do I need to courier my product on my own? Do I need to courier my product directly to the customer / or to Mytr?

Product is shipped directly to the customer or via our warehouse.

We provide product pickup from 18000+ Pin codes

Who takes care of delivering the products?

Mytr has partnered with top logistics firms in India to get the product delivered to customers

How and when will I get paid of my products?

Depending on the payment method used by the customer, you either get paid after 2 days of delivery of the product or after the cash collected from the Customer reaches us.

Does Mytr ship products outside India also?

At present, due to COVID-19 we are only shipping within India. We do have established channels to ship abroad.

Do I need to have GSTIN for listing my products on Mytr?


Can I get assistance in development of catalogue (product information and price)?

Yes. We do assist our artists when in need of pricing or creation of catalogue.

How should I price my product? Should I include courier charges with the price also?

When entering the product price, include the packing charges with the price of the product you charge offline, when you sell the product.

Our team takes care of finding the shipping charge within India for your products. We need our artists to provide us with true details of the product and packaging to achieve this.

What is the return policy of Mytr? What if I get damaged product back in return?

Please visit

In case of damage, courier company is liable to refund the product value after inspection. We will need proofs to submit them on your behalf to the company.

Is there any association with foreign country?

Mytr is a recognized fellow at Young Innovation Leaders. However, Mytr is an Indian company .

Does Mytr provide any packaging material?

At present, we do not provide any packaging material, but we do suggest sellers in ways to pack certain products.